About AFT

AFT Chemicals L.L.C is a leading chemical distributor providing business-to-business solutions for users of industrial and specialty chemicals in the Middle East And Africa.

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AFT Experts

As experts in the field of chemical distribution, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide the highest quality products and solutions, on-time delivery, technical excellence, alongside unparalleled customer service and support.

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AFT As a Leader

As a leader in our business we aim to create better value for our customers continuously, and to keep the reputation of our company based on our reliability, so you can depend on us.

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AFT Main Message

At AFT, we know that our people are the heart of our success. We’re a team focused on winning, and we know it’s not just what we achieve together, it’s how we achieve it that helps us create value and sustain success. With a foundation of honesty and integrity at the center of our values, we strive to always do the right thing. From maintaining safe and reliable operations to developing insights that benefit our customers to innovating the future, we’re focused on making a difference for the many people who count on AFT, today . . . and for generations to come.

We aim high. Working together in an inclusive, performance-driven setting, we collaborate for results and coach each other to bring out our personal and collective best. Our core values are ingrained in our corporate culture and in the way we do business, and we strive to showcase our values within all of our interactions.


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